About Us

We are committed to traditional organic methods of farming. On our diverse family farm, we are passionate about growing food with respect for life and the environment. In this day of mass produced food, many of us have lost touch with the source. It’s time that we get back to the old ways; to knowing who produces our food, and to moving away from the unsustainable and cruel practices of factory farming. As well as growing most of our own food, we are also proud supporters of local family farms, and farmers markets.

Our season begins in the greenhouse. We seek out and support seed companies that save and protect older varieties. By purchasing and raising heritage breeds and heirloom seeds, we help to perpetuate varieties that might otherwise eventually be lost. Everything we eat, from apples to turkeys, has a history. A history we are quickly losing. Heirloom tomatoes, the types grandpa used to grow, are the foundation on which the farm started. We choose varieties know for their flavor, and nurture healthy, strong, certified organic seedlings to insure their success in your garden.

In the fields, we continue by raising quality produce that not only has outstanding flavor but also a fascinating history. Among the many types and varieties of vegetables we grow, we have several favorites: Trail of Tears beans, grown by the native people and carried with them on their forced relocation, and Mayflower beans, brought by the pilgrims from England in 1620. Both of these beans are listed on the Slow Food – Ark of Taste

Aside from vegetables, we raise turkeys and heirloom fruit trees. The Narragansett turkeys descended from the 1600s when American colonists crossed native wild turkeys and the domestic turkeys they brought with them from England. This year we began growing heirloom fruit trees, including Espouses Spitenburg, an apple tree that was one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorites.

Our animals are raised with the highest regard for their quality of life. Fresh sunny grass pasture and natural shaded areas are part of a rotational grazing system. Our various animals are allowed to interact naturally with one another. Fresh clean water and mixed grains from organic farms round out their diet. In return, they provide us with eggs of the highest quality, and meat that is pure and flavorful.

We live by the philosophy that “all things are connected”. We grow the seedlings to plant, tend them in the fields, nurture the bees that pollinate the blossoms, and harvest the crops that the good earth provides.

On Thursdays, we bring the bounty of the farm to sell on the beautiful Plimouth Plantation at the Plymouth Farmers Market. You can find us at the plantations visitors center.

A choice selection of produce, fruit and berries are processed here on the farm into fresh and tasty sauces, jams and jellies. The vegetable cuttings go to feed the poultry which give the eggs and meat that feed the husband and children who work on the farm, the ultimate in recycling!

Ever growing and changing, we are grateful to our long time customers, who have become friends. We look forward to connecting with like-minded people, who care about where their food comes from and how it is raised.

Thank you for supporting local farmers and sustainable organic agriculture.